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Launched May 23, 2003.


The PlanetSide team is committed to ensuring a level playing field for all soldiers. Players who use methods outside of the intended game design to artificially advance their characters will be considered in violation of the PlanetSide Rules of Conduct. Penalties may include the dissolution of any Outfit caught exploiting experience systems and suspension from the service for the first offense. Further offenses can result in a complete ban from the PlanetSide service. As such, we will continue to closely monitor servers, and will go through all reports that come in regarding Outfits and players who exploit any type of game system.

Features and Fixes

1) It should no longer be possible to cause grief to a Combat Engineer by throwing jammer grenades at his Boomers or Mines in order to detonate those items near friendly units and causing damage to them.

2) An exploit method of generating infinite experience was sealed up and prevented.

3) You can now move properly in the third mission of Offline Training.

4) You can no longer force your MAX into permanent autorun mode by dismounting a vehicle while moving.

5) Barricade collision reps were optimized to prevent slowdown seen when overflying facilities.

6) The Main Help menu now has the few remaining categories with no text filled out properly.

7) We removed the pop-up dialog that asked for confirmation before adding or removing implants. (It was unnecessary.)

8) To form an Outfit, you need a full squad of folks (10 soldiers including yourself) that are not already part of another Outfit.

9) Vehicle engine sound "spikes" in volume have been smoothed out.

10) First-time help should be available for all objects again. (It was missing for some terminals.)

11) There has been a zone crash plaguing us recently when a zone gets up around 500 players. It had to do with the respawning code in certain odd situations. That bug is now squashed.

12) /tell messages are no longer case sensitive when addressing players. In otherwords, if a player's name is BoBoB, you can now type /tell bobob instead of having to type /tell BoBoB.