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Certification Required Anti-Infantry MAX or Uni-MAX
Empire Terran Republic
Armor 650
Primary Mode Normal fire
Secondary Mode -
Magazine Capacity 200
Ammunition Depleted Uranium Rounds
Special Ability Anchors, Overdrive


The Dual-Cycler is the current Anti-Infantry MAX of the Terran Republic. It boasts two large chainguns on both its arms that can literally shower an enemy with ordinance. The "Anchor" ability locks the MAX in place and reduces its field of fire, but essentially doubles it rate of fire and reduces the size of the cone of fire bloom. The overdrive ability is also useful for doing heavy damage while on the move.

Shots to kill:

Standard Exo-Suit 8 shots
Agile Exo-Suit 9 shots
Reinforced Exo-Suit 13 shots
MAX 75 shots

(The above numbers are taken with 100 Health and full Armor; no MedKits, Implants or Empire Incentives applied)