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Continental Data

Category: Gas Giant Moon
Climate: Temperate
Landmass: Continent
Terrain: Grassy plains, rolling hills, sandy beaches, woodlands
Facilities: 12
Towers: ?
Active Warpgates: 4
Capitol: Amp Station Verica


Amerish is a habitable moon orbiting a gas giant so massive that it verges upon becoming a proto-star. The radiation that leaks from this giant also acts as a sort of local sun to warm up the moon to bearable temperatures.

The facilities on Amerish are loosely grouped into two cluster, north and south. Although spaced unevenly, there are definitely choke points and assault paths that can be anticipated for tactical use.

However, the four small islands off the coasts can be used for alternate paths, making for elements of unpredictability and ambush.

This continent is permanently connected to an Empire's Sanctuary via a link with the Bio Laboratory Ikanam, and is the Home Continent for that empire. See Home Continent for the current empire sanctuary links.

This continent is also refered to as Amer.

--source: Planetside In-game descriptions, pre- and post-Bending.

Base Facilities

Amp Stations

Bio Laboratories

Dropship Centers

Technology Plants