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Live Version 3.1.2 (November 23, 2004)

  • Implemented the Global Warp Queuing system, which gives players information that they can use to decide whether to continue trying to enter a continent or move on to another.
  • Implemented Joystick Support.
  • Vehicle Experience Sharing is now live, allowing unsquadded drivers and gunners to share the rewards for each kill that the vehicle crew makes. Experience gained by gunners of a vehicle will split out to the driver and other gunners of the vehicle equally, just like they were in a squad, but without the 20% Squad EXP bonus. The vehicle's occupants can organize into a squad to bring in the bonus! Passengers will not receive any experience.
  • Players will be able to unlearn Certifications that are pre-requisites for other Certs. When a player does this, that Cert and all dependent certifications will be unlearned, freeing up those certification points so they can be spent immediately. This change will give players many more options for changing their character's build over shorter periods of time.
  • When a player attempts to bail from a heavily damaged air vehicle, there will be a chance that the bail malfunctions. The chance of malfunction will not activate until a certain threshold of damage is reached. As the craft takes more damage, there will be a greater chance of malfunction. Malfunctions will affect Galaxy pilots and gunners but not passengers.
  • Passengers and Gunners will be able to bail from vehicles moving at any speed, without making the vehicle slow down.
  • Passengers and gunners will always be able to bail from ground vehicles. Malfunctions will only occur with flight vehicles.
  • Flail damage has been changed. The flail projectile will do less damage at short ranges, and do more damage as the projectile travels further.
  • Players who destroy enemy vehicles will not accrue grief for friendlies damaged in the explosion. The Nano Dispenser, BANK, and Medical Applicator will be usable when a character has weapons locked from Grief. This will allow players working their way through a Grief Lock to still contribute to their Empire through support activities.
  • Fixed an issue where if the BFR servos were damaged while a BFR was crouched, it would retrigger the crouch animations.
  • Slightly tightened the Cone of Fire of the Peregrine Dual Rocket Pod Gunner weapon. Fixed an issue that would cause BFR's to get stuck under bridges.
  • The /ignore command will properly ignore global broadcasts.
  • Players will be limited to deploying 20 Boomers at a time.
  • The Punisher will be able to fire three shots before its Cone of Fire begins to bloom.
  • Substantially increased the Sunderer's armor.