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Matrix Panel

Allows a soldier to bind to a location as a spawn point after death or deconstruction. Matrix Panels are located on the side of respawn tubes and on the front of AMSes. They are also located in other various locations of a base, such as the main lobby, basement areas, and the air vehicle room at Dropship Centers.

To bind to a panel, approach and press the "G" key when prompted to do so.

To unbind, approach and press the "G" key again when prompted and your bind will be erased.

Soldiers that have the Expert Hacking certification can use the Matrix Panel to upgrade the Spawn Room Pain Field so that it will do increased damage. This is done by equipping the REK, aiming it at the Matrix Panel, and pressing the "Primary Fire" button. A progress bar will appear similar to the one received when hacking a Control Console. The Pain Module benefit and this process are stackable. Spawn rooms that have upgraded pain fields from expert hackers show a special icon on the Continental Map and will last for 30 minutes after the last boost.