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Live Version 3.0.17 (October 15, 2004)

  • BFR Assets are included in this update, however BFR's will not be available to players.
  • BFR Hangars will be present in facility courtyards. Cavern Captures will not lead to BFR imprinting until further notice.
  • All players will need to be aware that we will be recertifying all characters in PlanetSide tomorrow morning at 3 AM Pacific to introduce new elements to the existing certification process. When you first login to PlanetSide after tomorrow morning, all of your characters will be without any certifications. You will have all of your certification points restored and may spend them again at a Certification Terminal.
  • Kill Stats are now tracking vehicle occupants as individual kills in the stats UI. For more information, see the Development Doc on this feature.
  • Implemented the Vehicle Viewing Direction Indicator and Advanced Color Options. The Direction Indicator can be toggled on and off by mapping a key in the Options UI.
  • Created a new certification tree for Armored Assault that includes acquisition for BattleFrame Robotics.
  • Armored Assault 1 - Access to the Lightning Tank - cost 2
  • Armored Assault 2 - Access to the empire specific Medium Battle Tank - cost 1 (requires that you have Armored Assault 1)
  • Flail - Access to the Flail - Cost 1 (requires that you have Armored Assault 2)
  • BattleFrame Robotics - Cost 2 (requires that you have Armored Assault 2)
  • The Harasser is now also included in the Assault Buggy certification.
  • While the Light Scout vehicles are now located in other certs (Lightning in Armored Assault 1 and Harasser in Assault Buggies), the Light Scout certification will remain for anyone who is interested in keeping the Lightning/Harasser combination.
  • The Striker and MAX lock-on weaponry now function after deconstructing in a spawn tube. Repeater refire rate improves and a little bit tighter on cone of fire bloom. Flak weapons (Skyguard and Bursters) no loger detonate on contact with the ground causing radius splash damage.
  • The flak projectile will only detonate in the proximity to air vehicles or at the end of it's lifespan. Skyguard's ammo load out has been improved with significantly more flak ammunition.
  • Capturing Core Combat Cavern zones will now grant Battle or Command experience.
  • Increased SOI of Core Combat bases by 50% to cover a larger area of possible combat to count toward base hack exp.
  • Increased Buggy and Tank maximum speeds . Prowler - 57 Vanguard - 60 Magrider -65 Marauder - 80 Enforcer - 80 Thresher - 85 Harasser - 85 Removed the Technology Plant requirement for the Router and Sunderer. Increased the Sunderer's armor by 10%. Decreased the Flail's rate of fire. Decreased Flail armor. Slightly increased the refire rate of the TR Pounder and Dual Cycler MAX armor when locked down The Lightning and Skyguard's 12mm machinegun cone of fire and recoil have been adjusted to make it much more accurate. Increased the Lightning's armor.
  • Telefragging (killing another soldier by running into a Cavern or Router telepad while another player is standing on the destination) will only occur against enemy soldiers.
  • Moved "Toggle Chat" and "Toggle Radar" buttons from Hud Items (status bar with health, shortcuts, etc) to Hud Management (button bar with other toggle buttons like Inventory, Character, etc).
  • Vehicles' access permissions can now be controlled for each type of mount point (Driver, Gunner, Passenger, Trunk).
  • Galaxy and Lodestar cargo use the passenger access setting. Repair Silos and BFR Sheds are now present in Sanctuary and Virtual Training.
  • Vehicle deconstruction distance from vehicle pads has been reduced to make it less aggressive.
  • Vehicle deconstruction times have been increased to 30 seconds of warning.
  • Zipline nodes now have a 30 second vehicle deconstruct timer.
  • Fixed a client crash bug related to cloaking and equipping weapons.
  • Players can now see enemy names during heavy firefights.