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-M7- is a new Outfit formed out of the long running alliance between The Militia (founded first in beta, then in May at retail)and 7th Corps (founded in the summer of '03). After a long time of playing together, using the same TS server and website we decided to abandon our old outfits and play under our unified moniker. This was done to end confusion and make things easier for us to coordinate work together. We are led by Delta25, the long running OL from the Militia, and a solid core of officers.

We are an all fun outfit first and foremost. We have a variety of playstyles depending on what our mood is for the day. We played important rolls in NC Markov's victories in the first two Monolith events and look forward to helping the Empire succeed in future events.

We have expanded into other games as well. You can see the [M7] tag running around in BFV and CS:S and we have a WoW guild: the Seventh Militia.

We are always looking for new recruits of all playstyles, new players and veterans alike. Come visit us at: for more info.

Check out our stats and roster at Planetside Stats: -M7- Roster