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Markov was the PlanetSide server that was located on the western coast of the United States (San Diego, California). It was merged with the Emerald server to create the Gemini server on May 20, 2008.

Markov's characterbase was a combination of characters from Markov as well as the shut down Johari server.

Characters who came from Johari whose names were already in use on Markov had a "-J" appended to the end of their names. These names transfer to Gemini. If another character already existed on Emerald before the server merge and had priority over the Markov name, a "-M" was appended to the end of the Markov's character name. Outfit names followed a similar rule. See Gemini for more information on character and outfit naming rules and how to change them if they have a "-M" or "-E" appended.