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Total Oblivion

Total Oblivion was founded on the 30th of May 2003. It's main role was being the Armoured core of the Terran Republic, having squads of tanks supported by Air cavalry units, making it a powerfull force.

After over 1 year we are still active, we are still 'the' Armoured Core of the Terran Republic and on the leaderboards.

Our power lies mainly in the fact that we are working as a team. By working as a team we often turn the tide of a battle. Because we use Teamspeak to communicate with our tanks and support units we are often 1 or more steps ahead of our enemies.

Except for Planetside we also play other games together, from RTS to RPG. In many games you can find the Total Oblivion tag. Because we play together we know what to do, we are a very well balanced and this makes us a respectable opponent.

Above all Total Oblivion is a group of friends from all over Europe that share the same interest for games and love to play together.

Total Oblivion Website