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Category: Island Cluster
Climate (Ascension): Temperate
Landmass: Battle Island
Terrain: Cliffs, high mesas, woodlands, hills.
Facilities: 3
Towers: 12
Active Warpgates: 3

The island rises from the sea as a pile of stacked mesas and crumbling cliffs.

A path runs from each warp point to one of the three facilities on the island, but there are also pedestrian switchback pathways up the sheer Cliffside to allow quicker foot access to higher mesas.

The three facilities are neighbors to one another across the top of the mesa (via a crossover plateau), so defense of those areas is critical for control of this island.


As is the case with all Battle Islands, heavy weapons and vehicles do not operate here. Not permitted are Heavy Assault weapons, Reavers, Artillery, BFRs, Medium Battle Tanks and Empire Specific Deliverer variants.