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Test Server

The Test Server is a special server run by the PlanetSide team. The Test Server is exactly the same as the other three PlanetSide servers, Emerald, Markov, and Werner, except that the Test Server is used to test future patches. Therefore, the Test Server receives new patches earlier than other servers so that the players of PlanetSide can test them and work out the bugs before the patches go to the live servers. The Test Server is generally less populated than the Live Servers, so to make it easier on the players, characters on the test server are automatically made at Battle Rank 20 so the player does not have to worry about attaining battle ranks for certifications.

Reaching the Test Server

  1. Find the PlanetSide directory on your hard drive.
  2. Copy the entire PlanetSide folder and create a copy somewhere else on your computer.
  3. Open the new PlanetSide folder and find the PlanetSideTest icon.
  4. Run this and wait for the game to patch.
  5. Hit the Play button.

The reason a player has to completely copy the PlanetSide directory is so that the player has two distinct versions of PlanetSide - the current live version and the Test Server version which is on a future patch. By keeping two different PlanetSide folders, the player is able to easily distinguish which is the live version and which is the test version.