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The Ancients are alien beings, originally referred to as the Vanu, believed to be the creators of the Auraxis construct, the Auraxian Core, the warpgates and lattice, the rebirth and nanite technology, and the Wormhole that brought us here.

Upon discovering the caverns of Auraxis, we got a glimpse of where the Ancients must have lived or worked. They left behind artifacts and residual energy signatures for Ancient Technology that we have been able to adapt to our own needs.

The appearance, motives, and whereabouts of the Ancients are a complete mystery. As revealed by The Bending it is thought that the Ancients were masters of manipulating space-time, able to move or alter different dimensions and realities through complex technology. It is this technology that has allowed us to cheat death in our wars. Sadly, this immortality is not without a price. We have become slaves to the Ancients' creations, bound to each planet and cavern by the fear of final death.

The Ancients are the most powerful beings in the known universe. We must harness their power if we are return to Earth and defend all humanity against them or their enemies. This is our purpose and our curse and we cannot fail.