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Continental Data

Category: Caustic Atmosphere
Climate: Humid, Temperate
Landmass: Continent
Terrain: Swampy lowlands, lush interiors, causeways, rolling hills, slow rivers, mountains.
Facilities: 11
Towers: 18
Active Warpgates: 4
Active Geowarps: 1
Capitol: Interlink Facility Voltan


Heavy clouds hang in the atmosphere here and the oxygen levels are low, although the air is dense with other elements. (Troops regularly activate their bio-containment fields when operating on Hossin.)

This lush, temperate continent has low-lying hills and boggy swamps dotting the terrain that lure the unwary into thinking straight-line of travel would be easiest, much to their later dismay.

The continent is divided by a river in the center which splits and surrounds an island on its way through the continent. On this island is the Capitol of Hossin, Voltan, an Interlink Facility.

Hossin is a Home Continent. A Sanctuary warpgate links to the Mulac Technology Plant in the south east. The continent's other warpgates link from Ghanon to Sungrey on Amerish, Hurakan to Wakea on Searhus, and Chac to Baal on Ishundar. See Home Continent for the current empire sanctuary links.

This continent is also refered to as Hos.

Source: PlanetSide In-game descriptions, pre- and post-Bending.

Base Facilities

Amp Stations

Bio Laboratories

Dropship Centers

  • Naum (Sub-Capitol)

Technology Plants