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Type ATV
Role Recon
Certification Required ATV
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon -
Secondary Weapon -
Occupants 1 (Driver)
Handling Ultra Nimble
Top speed 88 kph
Note Has the ability to cloak when the driver is wearing an Infiltration Suit


The Wraith is an all terrain vehicle (ATV). It is not mounted with any weapons systems at all, but is mounted with an infiltration-based cloaking ability. While the rider is wearing the Infiltration Suit, the whole vehicle can be made invisible. This follows the same rules as the infiltration suit: the faster it moves the more visible it becomes. The ATV has a cruise speed over flat ground of 88kph and can reach uncontrollable speeds of 212kph.

The trunk is equal in capacity to the other wheeled ATVs, but without weapons, the space is unallocated, thus available for the users' discretionary use. The Wraith remains cloaked when parked, further aiding its usefulness as an extended personal Inventory.

The other Quad ATV variants are the Fury and the Basilisk.