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Certification Required Anti-Vehicular
Empire Terran Republic
Primary Mode Homing Missile
Secondary Mode Dumb Fire
Ammunition Striker Missile
Range 240 m
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 9 (Rifle Holster)
Magazine Capacity 5
Zoom 4x


The Striker is the Terran Republic's Anti-Vehicular weapon. In primary mode, the Striker can "lock on" to any vehicle, MAX unit, Phalanx wall turret, or Spitfire Turret which will guide the missle to its target. (The reticle must be kept on the target to maintain the "lock.")

In secondary mode, the Striker fires an unguided "dumbfire" missile.

Shots to kill:

MAX 6 shots
Lightning 12 shots
Prowler 36 shots
Magrider 28 shots
Vanguard 36 shots

(The above numbers are taken with full Armor; no Vehicle Shields applied)