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Certification Required Medium Assault
Empire Vanu Sovereignty
Primary Mode Single Shot
Secondary Mode All-Magazine Burst
Ammunition 10mm Multi-Phase
Range 200m
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 3 (Pistol Holster)
Magazine Capacity 6
Zoom x2


The Eraser is a powerful Medium Assault pistol. It deals a good bit of damage per hit with a tight cone of fire, but small clip size. It also suffers severe Damage Degradation (see graph at right), making it relatively worthless at targets over 50 meters away.

In the primary firing mode, it fires as a single shot pistol with a tight cone of fire.

The secondary mode fires all remaining rounds quickly with a very large cone of fire. You must have at least 75 stamina to fire the secondary mode. The drawback is that this mode drains all remaining stamina, leaving you vulnerable to attack. Thus, you might want to think twice before firing in this mode. There is a short delay before firing begins with the secondary fire mode (much like the Rocklet Rifle), with a distinct sound. This can sometimes give your target enough warning to move out of the way.

At close range, the Eraser will kill a soldier wearing Rexo armor in 5 shots. The Spear and Stinger function identically.