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Type Rapid Assault
Role Rapid Response/Escort
Certification Required Switchblade
Empire Common Pool (Ancient-Tech)
Primary Weapon Forward firing Scythe Energy Cannon
Deployed 360 degrees firing Scythe Energy Cannon with increased Rate of Fire
Range 180m
Occupants 1 (Driver)
Handling Ultra nimble
Top speed 80 kph (55 kph over water)


The Switchblade is an Ancient Technology based vehicle which has a fairly heavy amount of armor, but its firepower depends on whether it is in the deployed or undeployed mode. It travels at a speed similar to that of an ATV with its Scythe energy weapon firing at a fairly slow rate, with the weapon's movement independent of the vehicle being limited to only a vertical plane, but when deployed it acts as a turret with a an extremely rapid rate of fire and the weapon being able to fire to the same degree on the vertical plane, but also able to fire fully on the horizontal plane. While terrain and vehicles stop the Scythe weapon projectile (like every other weapon), infantry do not. This means that the weapon can hurt infantry standing behind the first infantry target, enabling the Switchblade to devastate tight clusters of infantry. The Switchblade can also strafe side to side and travel over water (but cannot deploy on water).

The main drawback is the switchblade goes through ammo quickly. Unlike other vehicles, you can only get more ammo by going to a Repair/Rearm Silo at a facility with a Vehicle Module benefit, or if you are in the caverns, at a Vehicle Energy Crystal.