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Category: Island Cluster
Climate: Arid
Landmass: Battle Island
Terrain: Desert. Sandy dunes, scattered oases, dry lake beds
Facilities: 3
Towers: 7
Warpgates: 3


The sand dunes that stretch across most of the island provide enough cover for vehiles to go "hull down" against, and for infantry to use as LOS blocks. Squads of infantry and vehicles will do best here when coordinated as groups. Stragglers that try to cross the dunes alone are ripe for snipers and air cavalry.


As is the case with all Battle Islands, heavy weapons and vehicles do not operate here. Not permitted are Heavy Assault weapons, Reavers, Artillery, BFRs, Medium Battle Tanks, and Empire Specific Deliverer variants.


All three bases on this island are LLU-capture Technology Plants. The lack of a Bio Laboratory here means that spawn times are not modified by anything but Modules.

Technology Plants