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Continental Data

Category: Heavy Vulcanism
Climate: Tropical
Landmass: Continent
Terrain: Volcanic pools, dusty craters, sheer cliffs, desolate plains, sunny beaches
Facilities: 14
Towers: 22
Active Warpgates: 3
Active Geowarps: 1 (2 total, active gate cycles)


This world rages with storms. The moments when the weather is clear are momentous as the volcanism that erupts around the world feeds belt after belt of the fiercest storms imaginable. The continent of Searhus seems sheltered in the center of a stable "eye" in the storms, but even the peripheral storms felt here are severe by comparison elsewhere.

The center of this continent is a gigantic volcanic caldera. The bases inside that crater are an obvious stronghold on the continent, but to keep those bases secure, the facilities on the rim of the caldera should be secured as well. Beware the lava pools! They are extremely unforgiving.

--source: Planetside In-game descriptions, pre- and post-Bending.

Base Facilities

Amp Stations

Bio Laboratories

Dropship Centers

Technology Plants