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Gunuku is Cyssor's Dropship Center. It is located in map grid M10.

The facility is located on a central island of Cyssor, surrounded by the Cyssor river that divides a large chunk of the continent. Bridge access is in the north and the south-east of island. North of the base are some woodland areas. To the East, running from north to south, is a tall ridge overlooking the base walls. To the South is sparsely wooded country along the main road, and to the West are some low hills.

North Gunuku Gun Tower is located at at grid M9, guarding the two northern bridge approaches.

South East Gunuku Watch Tower is located at grid M11 at the southern end of Gunuku's island, guarding the south bridge approaches. A hill and some woods overlook this tower just to the north.

Gunuku is the name of a principal Nigerian diety in African mythology.