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Spooktacular Days

The Spooktacular Days is the name of the 2009 Halloween Event that is on the live servers from October 22nd till November 2nd.

Spooktacular Days

It's that time of year again when all the Ghouls and Goblins come out to play however this year they've decided to change things up a bit, gone are the flying skulls and red glowing skies which have been replaced with the Spooktacular Bonus Experience Days. This years event will run from October 22nd through November 2nd, and feature some really howling experience gains. Base captures like you've never seen before, cavern captures that will make you want you want get that next BFR imprint, and much more! So go ahead and spend some time with us and let’s get that much needed Battle Experience and see if we can reach Battle Rank 40... If you dare!!!

The Chainblade Massacre will also pop up from time to time throughout the Spooktacular Days so be prepared! All players will be able to use Cloaking infiltration suits without need of the certification on Extinction (this is our version of ghosts).

  • In true Halloween tradition, players will only be allowed to use a Knife to kill other players.
  • Players are urged to get proper Implants before entering the zone such as Darklight in order to see all apparitions.
  • The zone has limited vehicles.
  • Knives’ secondary mode will now damage vehicles and equipment. This damage should slightly increase with Melee Booster implants.
  • Oh, and don’t worry about damage from vehicles trying to mow you over. That has been changed. Nor should you worry about damage from an exploding vehicle. Consider yourself in a zombie state under these circumstances.
  • If a base is drained of its resources, hang tight as they will be replenished almost immediately.

Now lets get prepared for some serious experience gain and have a haunting good time!